Cosmetic Dentistry

Why use a Night-Guard?

Night-Guard is a simple process, requiring less time than a traditional night guard. Our innovative design ensures your Night-Guard will fit 

perfectly the first time and won't require multiple office visits for fitting and adjustments.


Soft on the inside, hard on the outside.

Dreamgard custom night-guards are ultra thin and low profile, utilizing an advanced multi-layer soft/hard construction. The soft inner layer provides comfort and cushioning while the hard outer layer provides protection and durability. This innovative design offers the best combination of fit, comfort, protection and effectiveness, assuring ease of use and likelihood you’ll wear your Night-Guard all night long and wake up to relief.





Advanced tooth and jaw protection.

When a person grinds or clenches their unprotected teeth, their teeth will prematurely wear and eventually break.  Whether the grinding or clenching is moderate or severe a person’s teeth can’t be left unprotected.

If you have questions about the Night-Guard process! Please ask your dentist.